Unpaid superannuation

Worried about your employer not paying your superannuation?

Arrears Collection ThermometerAt BUSSQ we are committed to making sure you get the super you are entitled to from your employer. So much so, we have a dedicated team working hard to reduce non-payment and late payment of members' super. Our Arrears team work with unions, major contractors and employers to provide a vigilant arrears and collection process to help you get the super you’ve worked hard for.

If you’re not comfortable with speaking to your employer, or they don’t take action to pay your outstanding superannuation, our Arrears Department may be able to help. 

We can answer your questions and, if required, step you through the process of raising a complaint for unpaid super.  We maintain confidentiality on your behalf at all times, so we won’t mention your name to the employer if you don’t want us to.

If you're concerned about not being paid your full superannuation entitlements, please call us on 07 3369 1111 and ask to talk to one of our Arrears Department team members or complete and submit online a Superannuation Guarantee Non-payment form.

Our Arrears team have had a number of success stories, some of which we would like to share:
Towards the end of last year, a member contacted our arrears team to check up on his account and advise that he had not received a super payment for the entire year. After investigations were made, we identified another 15 members employed by XYZ Builders* who also had not received their entitlements for the same period. We were steadfast in our negotiations with this particular employer, which resulted in all 16 members being paid their 12 months’ outstanding entitlements, plus a 10% interest charge, in January this year! 

Four BUSSQ members employed as ABN workers went without their super contributions since 2008 because XYZ employer* told them they were not entitled to it. Upon termination in January 2012 one of these members raised the matter with the BUSSQ arrears team and we immediately contacted the XYZ employer*. Initially, the employer refused to pay. However, after engaging our solicitors and 5 months of lengthy negotiations the XYZ employer* agreed to pay over $41,000.00 in outstanding super dating back to June 2008. This is an excellent outcome considering the age of the outstanding contributions.

In May 2012, a large employer* entered into administration leaving its workers doubtful about receiving their super. Since then we have received in excess of $1 million for our members with outstanding superannuation owed by this employer. Our team has worked diligently to reconcile and allocate amounts for more than 12 months of outstanding contributions. By working closely with the unions and major contractors it helped guarantee all our members received their entitlements.

* Note: No real names of the business and people involved have been used for privacy reasons.