SuperStream - BUSSQ


SuperStream is a package of reforms the Government has introduced to improve the processing of everyday superannuation transactions.

The dates by which employers need to provide contribution information and make payments electronically are as follows:

Employers                      Government Deadlines 
 With 20+ employees  1 July 2015
 With less than 20 employees  1 July 2016

Register now for our clearing house SCH Online, and not only will you be SuperStream compliant, but you'll save time and money processing your super payments.

BUSSQ is your one stop shop for all of your SuperStream needs. Our clearing house SCH Online, is linked to EmployerAccess, which means that you can pay all of your super payments to BUSSQ as well as any other super funds - all in the one place. And, you’ll only have to remember one password for one system.

The good news is that if BUSSQ is your default fund our clearing house is available to you at no cost!

What are the advantages of using BUSSQ’s clearing house facility?

  • It saves time
  • Flexible pay cycle
  • Flexible payment options
  • Automatic reports
  • Peace of mind
  • Multiple levels of payment authorisation, and
  • A dedicated team on hand to assist you.

To get SuperStream ready now, contact your BUSSQ Employer Account Manager on 07 3369 1111.