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Super and insurance - automatic cover is included

It’s important to make sure you are covered for life’s uncertainties. That’s why BUSSQ includes automatic insurance cover in your BUSSQ super to protect you and your family.

BUSSQ offers you the following insurance:

Two types:

  • Automatic or default cover 
  • Tailored cover

1. Automatic Cover in BUSSQ's MySuper product 

When BUSSQ receive your first contribution from your employer and you meet the eligibility conditions, you will receive automatic Death and Total and Permanent Disablement (TPD) cover. 

  • This cover is age based and reduces as you get older, but the cost always stays the same until it ceases.

At what age does your cover cease?

  • TTD cover ceases at 56 or if you reduce your TPD cover
  • TPD cover ceases at 65 
  • Death cover ceases at 70

Budget Insurance for Members under 21 Years.

Members receive discounted Death and TPD cover.

Special offer - option for extra cover on joining 

On joining BUSSQ you may select up to six units of Death and TPD cover (default is four units) without health evidence, provided:

  • An employer super contribution has been received within four months from the end of the month when you are first eligible to join BUSSQ, and
  • Your completed Membership Application form is received and accepted by BUSSQ within four months of you first becoming eligible to join BUSSQ.

2. Tailored Cover

Death and TPD 

You can tailor your cover by nominating exactly how much Death and TPD cover you need.

  • You can also reduce or cancel your cover at any time in writing.
  • You can apply for extra cover or add income protection at any time.
  • You can fix the amount of cover so that it does not reduce by transferring to, or joining the Premium Choice product.
  • You can also take advantage of the automatic acceptance in 1. Automatic Cover if you join via an employer and meet the eligibility rules.

Income Protection

To access income protection, you need to be a member of Premium Choice. There is no cost to upgrade and you can do it online.

How to Apply

  • Electronic application: Apply online from inside your own account through MemberAccess.
  • Paper application: Complete a detailed health questionnaire. Download the form here.

Please note: If you want to apply for income protection you must be a member of Premium Choice. It does not cost to upgrade and there is no change to your membership number or details. 

Important information about your insurance

  • If you login to your MemberAccess account and cannot see the income protection option, it means you are most likely not a Premium Choice member. So you will need to upgrade to Premium Choice.
  • If you are a member of MySuper for employees you can only have automatic cover that decreases as you get older. For cover that remains the same as you get older you need to upgrade to Premium Choice.
  • If you are self-employed and want income protection, want to increase your cover for life events or want to transfer cover from another super fund, then you must be a member of BUSSQ's Premium Choice.

Upgrade to Premium Choice now!

There is no cost to upgrade, no change to your membership number or details, and you can make the request online now.

For a full range of insurance details see our MySuper Handbook and Premium Choice Insurance Handbook.

Please note: In the event of a dispute, the insurance policy document will override the relevant Product Disclosure Statement and the information contained within this website.