BUSSQ's got your back

03 February 2020

BUSSQ Bus in action

BUSSQ has a Response Solutions Team who identify and assist members currently experiencing or who are on the path towards experiencing financial hardship.

We know that when you’re faced with financial trouble you often don’t know where to turn for assistance which often results in further financial trouble, which is why we created our Response Solutions Team. 

In addition to managing a financial hardship claim a BUSSQ Solutions Officer, who is well equipped to deal with at risk members, will work with you to overcome the difficulties that can be experienced in this situation. The team works closely with our partners including industry unions, charity Mates in Construction, to connect you with services including personal and financial counselling and employment seeking. 

We know that when in this situation, you need more than just a financial hardship claim. You may need jobs, housing, friends and support networks to keep you safe. We offer more than just the funds from your account so that you will once again be in a position where you can contribute towards your retirement.

At BUSSQ we’ve got your back. So, if you’re experiencing financial hardship, call us on 1800 692 877 to find out how we can assist. 

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