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Insurance case studies

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 insurance case study_Adam


Age: 26

Occupation: Electrician

Current BUSSQ Product: BUSSQ
MySuper - Unitised Cover

Current Insurance Cover:

$200,000 Death Cover
$60,000 TPD Cover
$1,516 TTD Cover

Current Cost of Insurance Cover:
$505 per year deducted from his
super account

 Insurance case study_Michael


Age: 56

Licenced Builder

Current Product:
Insured with a large insurance company


Adam received automatic insurance cover upon joining BUSSQ and starting work as a qualified electrician for a large commercial builder.


He recently married and bought a house so he wants to increase his insurance cover to protect his growing family. Adam would also like to add 24/7 Income Protection cover for illness and injury so he is covered in case anything were to happen to him.


Adam contacts BUSSQ to get some more information and finds out that by upgrading to BUSSQ Premium Choice, he can apply for Income Protection. The quote he receives is very competitive so he decides to apply over the phone. The application is processed quickly and easily as Adam is young and healthy.


After increasing his insurance –

Upgraded BUSSQ Product:

BUSSQ Premium Choice – Fixed Cover

Upgraded Insurance Cover:

$400,000 Death Cover
$400,000 TPD Cover
$1,000 per week Income Protection

New cost of Insurance Cover:
$640 per year


That’s not much more for a lot of extra cover and great peace of mind.



Michael has been in the construction industry for a long time as a licensed builder. About 15 years ago he took out insurance cover with one of the large insurance companies and has noticed lately that his insurance premiums seem to be getting a lot higher.


Michael has seen the BUSSQ Mobile Super Centre out on site and knows that BUSSQ offers insurance through its superannuation. He decides to give BUSSQ a call to get a comparative quote. The insurance cover is similar to what he currently has but BUSSQ is going to save him about $2,000 per year in premiums!


The application is processed over the phone in about half an hour and Michael is really happy with his new cover.


BUSSQ Insurance Product:

BUSSQ Premium Choice - Fixed Cover

New Insurance Cover:
$300,000 Death Cover
$300,000 TPD
$1,000 per week Income Protection

New cost of Insurance Cover:
Just under $4,500 per year

Savings from his previous cover:
Around $2,000



If you need any help with insurance cover, you can call our superannuation specialists to talk you through your insurance needs call us on 1800 MY BUSSQ (1800 69 2877).