When will I get my statement? - BUSSQ

When will I get my statement?

As a member of BUSSQ you will receive a Member Statement showing your account details as at 30 June each year including any transactions that have taken place during the year, ie. investment earnings and insurance cover.

Your 30 June Member Statement will also give more details regarding entitlements (eg. Insurance cover) as at 30 June. You will generally have received your statement by the end of September each year. If you need information at other times, you can phone, email, or call us. Alternatively you can log on to MemberAccess where you can manage your account online. If we have your email address and you haven't requested to receive statements by mail, you will receive an e-Statement which can be downloaded from MemberAccess. To opt out of e-Statements log on to MemberAccess to change your preference or give us a call and let us know.