Exclusive CoverCard offer - BUSSQ

Exclusive CoverCard offer

New company CoverCard has a special offer for BUSSQ employers.

To deliver more for your business and extend our offering of employer benefits we have partnered with technology startup CoverCard.

This new company offers online software products to streamline the recruitment and qualification management of ticketed workforces.

See how you could simplify your recruitment and compliance processes with a free three month trial of CoverCard's two employer products:

  • Job Applicant Filtering - instantly filters job applicants against ticket, license and trade criteria.

  • Talent Pooling - simplifies ongoing workforce recruitment and compliance.

CoverCard is offering BUSSQ employers three months unlimited use of their products at no cost and with no commitment.

To access this exclusive special offer from CoverCard visit bussq.covercard.com.au or call 1300 65 76 88.