Reporting super contributions on PAYG statements - BUSSQ

Reporting super contributions on PAYG statements

Employers need to report on certain superannuation payments if they make them on behalf of employees.

    CCJ15331-contributions-tile-FAGenerally speaking, employers need to list certain super contributions on an employee’s PAYG Payment Summary if the employee has the ‘capacity to influence’ the amount.

An example of this would be:

-Salary sacrifice contributions an employee has asked for the employer to make from their before-tax pay; or

-Additional employer contributions that an employee has specifically negotiated with their employer.

For example, if an employee asks their employer to deduct an extra $100 per week as a salary sacrifice contribution, then this extra $100 is reportable.

However, if additional salary sacrifice contributions are as a result of an EBA (Enterprise Bargaining Agreement) or Award, and the individual has not specifically negotiated the arrangement with you for themselves, then the extra contributions are not reportable.

Once the contributions are reported, the ATO will add these amounts to other income to calculate various government benefits and liabilities.

For the basic rules all employers should know about super, click here. To talk directly to an Employer Services Representative call 07 3369 1111.