BUSSQ recovers seven months of member's unpaid super - BUSSQ

BUSSQ recovers seven months of member's unpaid super

The BUSSQ Arrears department is passionate about ensuring our members receive their entitlements. We work with employers, unions and contractors to detect and deter non-compliance within the industry.

A BUSSQ member phoned us in July 2017 to let us know that he hadn't received super contributions from his employer for the period of July 2016 to January 2017. The member is a painter and advised that having now moved on from his employer, he was eager to recover his unpaid superannuation.

After speaking with the member, we contacted  his employer to determine how this matter could be finalised as quickly as possible. The outcome? The employer acknowledged that the member's superannuation was outstanding and agreed to pay their unpaid entitlements on that same day!

This scenario is evidence that when handled with care, a positive outcome for all parties is possible.

An alternative solution would have been to report the member's former employer to the Australian Taxation Office, potentially causing conflict and placing the member's entitlement payments in jeopardy.

The positive outcome means that this member's super account is now looking a lot healthier for his retirement.  

If you are aware that you have not received your super entitlements or if your contributions have been underpaid, please contact your trusted BUSSQ Arrears Team on 1800 MY BUSSQ (1800 69 2877) to follow this up for you.