Take the stress out of dealing with Centrelink

10 May 2019


Many people find the Centrelink and age pension experience daunting, demoralising and demeaning – that’s probably not surprising.

A comprehensive study conducted by National Seniors Australia shows that since 2016, 61.5% of people were left dissatisfied or ambivalent with their experience after applying for an age pension, and 82% of all respondents identified that they sought help and assistance with the process.

As a result, Skylight Financial Solutions saw the need to develop a service to assist people through the process and from this Centrelink Assist was created.

If you have ever dealt with Centrelink before, you may already be aware of how time consuming it can be. Dealing with the endless paperwork is deterring, especially if this is the first time you have applied to Centrelink.

Skylight Financial Solutions was built by BUSSQ to provide more affordable financial solutions to assist people wherever they are in life. So, when the time comes that you need to deal with Centrelink, Skylight can assist by acting on your behalf.

From lodging necessary forms, to making applications and maintaining your information with them, Skylight will manage the process. This is a small cost compared to the benefit, and you can be assured your pathway to Centrelink will be faster and you get all the benefits you are entitled to.

Centrelink Assist was awarded Money Magazine Best of the Best 2019 award for Innovative Super Service.

If you're interested in Centrelink Assist, call Skylight on 1800 759 544 to talk to a Skylight Specialist or book an obligation free appointment now.

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