Paying your Contributions online - BUSSQ

Paying your Contributions online

Paying your employees super contributions online is quick and easy with EmployerAccess.

If you are an existing BUSSQ Employer and wish to make your payments online, you will first need to register for EmployerAccess.

Register for EmployerAccess now.

Once you have registered for EmployerAccess, a username and password will be sent to you via email. You can then log into EmployerAccess and proceed to make a payment for your employees.

If you are new to BUSSQ, and have not yet linked any employees to your BUSSQ Employer account, you will need to add them to make a payment. Once you have added employees to your account, they will be linked to your account and automatically appear in each contribution grid going forward.

You will need your employees’ BUSSQ membership numbers to add them to your contribution grid. If you don’t have their membership number, you will need their name, date of birth, address and tax file number to add them to your BUSSQ employer account and submit your payment (see Add new employees for more information).

Contribution data for your payment can be submitted via “Direct Entry” or “Payroll File Upload”. When you are satisified that your contribution grid/file is correct, continue through EmployerAccess until you get to the payment screen.

You will then be asked to make a payment - you can choose from EFT, BPay or Authorised Bank Transfer payment methods. BUSSQ will provide the banking details as well as a reference number which will correspond directly with your online contribution, and allow the monies to be allocated to your employee’s BUSSQ member accounts.

If you require assistance with making a payment online, please contact 1800 MY BUSSQ (1800 692 877)

Payment Requirements under the new SuperStream Legislation

The new SuperStream legislation means that payments and corresponding data for allocations must be received in an approved electronic format.

BUSSQ’s EmployerAccess site is compliant with these standards, so by making your contributions online through EmployerAccess, you will be compliant with the new SuperStream legislative requirements.

Please refer to our dedicated SuperStream section or the SuperStream fact sheet for further information.

Pay all your super in a single payment with BUSSQ’s Clearing House - SCH Online

BUSSQ offers you a clearing house facility called SCH Online, which enables you to make your super payments for all your employees in one single transaction. BUSSQ currently offers this facility to eligible employers at no cost. Call your BUSSQ Employer Representative today on 07 3369 1111.

See What is a super clearing house for more information. 

Using MYOB to pay your contributions

If you are using MYOB to pay your contributions, you can download a free AccountingPower software package which extracts a file from your payroll records. This file can be easily uploaded into BUSSQ's clearing house (SCH Online) or our file upload functionality on EmployerAccess. Go to to download the software now.