Add new employees - BUSSQ

Add new employees

It's easy to add new employers in EmployerAccess.

From the Employee Management tab, you can update your employees’ details at any time. It’s that easy!

To add a new employee to your BUSSQ employer account in EmployerAccess, go to the Employee Management tab in the top menu and click on “Add New Employee”.

EA add new employees screen shot.png

Enter the basic details for the employee (name, date of birth and BUSSQ Member number if you have it). The system will then check if the employee is an existing member of BUSSQ. If they are, their BUSSQ member number will be shown in the Member ID field, and their address/contact details will pre-populate. Before clicking on submit to add them to your employer account, please ensure all details for the employee are up to date.  

EA create employee screen shot.png

If the employee is not an existing member of BUSSQ, you will be required to enter further information (address, TFN and contact details etc). Once again you are able to submit these details and add the employee to your employer account.

If you have any questions about adding new employees in EmployerAccess, please contact one of our dedicated Employer Representatives on 07 3369 1111.