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How do I increase my level of cover?

BUSSQ makes it easy to increase your cover online or over the phone.

Online or over the phone - it's easy as!

Apply for/increase your insurance online

Getting your insurance sorted is quick and easy with BUSSQ’s online insurance application for members of BUSSQ industry superannuation fund.

You can apply to top-up your insurance at a time that’s convenient to you - no need to wade through piles of paperwork or go out of your way to do it in person. To make it even easier, your insurance application is pre-populated with your details (as much as possible), including any current BUSSQ insurance you have. 

If you are a casual employee or contractor and you wish to apply for Income Protection cover, you will need to complete the ‘Application to change your insurance’ paper application form available here.

You can still apply online for Death and TPD cover.

Please refer to the following definitions:
"Permanent Employee” means an employee who is working for an employer on a permanent basis and not as a Casual Employee. This means the person must receive a fixed salary and accrue entitlements for sick leave and annual leave.

“Casual Employee” means an employee who is working for an employer on a temporary, as required basis, is paid on an hourly basis for the period worked, does not accrue entitlements for sick leave and annual leave, and who is not otherwise a Permanent Employee.

“Contractor” means a person who is: 
(a)providing services for another person under a contract but is not employed by the other person; and
(b)having Salary paid in respect of them by the other person.

“Self Employed” means a person who directly or indirectly owns part of a business from which he or she earns his or her usual income, and is actively participating in the operation of that business for more than 15 hours per week. 

If you meet the definition of Self Employed and are working under a registered ABN, we will classify you as Self Employed even if you are working under a contract.

If you are still unsure if you should be classified as a permanent employee, self employed, casual employee or contractor, please call us on 1800 MY BUSSQ (1800 69 2877).

If you qualify, an electronic acceptance of your online application means it is submitted instantly. Easy as! 

For most of our super fund members, the application takes 10-20 minutes to find out if their insurance application has been accepted, or what the next steps are to get covered. To get started, simply log on to your BUSSQ super fund account or register via MemberAccess

The process is very simple, but if you would like step-by-step instructions, BUSSQ’s online insurance application Member User Guide - is great place to start. Use our online calculator to work out how much insurance you need.

Apply for/increase your insurance over the phone

If you prefer, you can call our industry superannuation specialists and they will talk you through your insurance application. Call us on 1800 MY BUSSQ (1800 692 877).

See changes to insurance effective 1 March 2017

Please note: In the event of a dispute, the insurance policy document will override the relevant Product Disclosure Statement and the information contained within this website.