Additional benefits for women - BUSSQ

Additional benefits for women

At BUSSQ we offer some additional cover for some of our female members.

Female BUSSQ members automatically receive an additional 50% of default insurance cover while pregnant at no additional cost.

This additional benefit is payable if an event directly related to the pregnancy causes total and permanent disability or death. So someone whose default four units of Death and TPD insurance provides cover of $200,000 will be covered for $300,000, with no additional premium payable.

For this benefit to be payable, the member must have become pregnant after she joined BUSSQ (regardless of whether or not she knew she was pregnant), and the Death, Terminal Illness or Total
and Permanent Disablement can not have arisen directly or indirectly from:

Elective pregnancy termination
The intentional act or omission of the member
Drug or alcohol abuse
Suicide, attempted suicide, self-inflicted action whether intended or not
Uncomplicated pregnancy, miscarriage or childbirth
A pre-existing Condition


See changes to insurance effective 1 March 2017

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