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Changing your investment option(s)

At BUSSQ we have a wide range of investment options so you aren't tied down to one strategy. You can select the option that suits you!

Flexibility to change your Super investment option(s) at any time

BUSSQ gives you the flexibility to switch your superannuation investment options - or mix of investment options - at any time. There is no charge to change your investment option(s). Investment option switches are effective from the day following the declaration of the next unit price, which are declared weekly. All superannuation investment option switch requests received in the period 6.01pm Friday to 6pm next Friday (EST/EDT*), will be processed with an effective date as at the next Wednesday, following the declaration of the weekly unit price.

* EST = Eastern Standard Time (during winter, i.e. 6pm in Queensland)
EDT = Eastern Daylight Time (during summer, i.e. 5pm in Queensland)

How do I notify BUSSQ about a switch in my superannuation investment options?

There are two ways to change the investment option for your BUSSQ superannuation account.

  • Online via MemberAccess - follow the prompts, or
  • Download, complete and return your applicable Member Investment Choice form to BUSSQ, GPO Box 2775, Brisbane Queensland 4001.

Member Investment Choice forms

Premium Choice
Income account 

You will receive confirmation of your investment choice switch following receipt of your request.

BUSSQ MySuper members

BUSSQ MySuper members do not have the option to switch to any investment option other than 100% Balanced Growth. However if you are a MySuper member and would like more investment options for your super fund, you can upgrade to Premium Choice at no extra cost and access a range of superannuation investment options. Start the upgrade process now!

If you have any questions or would like further information, please contact one of our Superannuation Experts.