MySuper investments - BUSSQ

MySuper investments

The BUSSQ MySuper product is designed for members who want investment in our default Balanced Growth investment option. Learn more.

Why choose MySuper?

It's simple! Members won't have to choose their investments, instead their super will be 100% invested in BUSSQ's Balanced Growth investment option.


Designed for medium to long term investors. This is BUSSQ’s default option for members that don’t actively choose an investment option. Balanced Growth is the most diversified Premixed option and provides a mix of growth and defensive assets such as shares, property and fixed interest securities. The frequency of a negative return is expected to be once in seven years. 

Investment Objective

For the annual rate credited to members to exceed the change in the Consumer Price Index by +3.8% per annum.

Target Asset Allocation

 Balanced Growth Asset Allocation

Risk Factor

Medium Risk Level

Suggested minimum time-frame

At least 3 years

Crediting Rates

 2018 8.79%
 2017 9.76%
 2016 7.00%
 2015 9.80%
 2014  12.66%
 2013  16.15%
 2012  1.00%
 2011  9.28%
 2010  9.37%
 2009  -12.39%
 2008  -3.91%
 2007  18.90%
 2006  14.60%
 2005  13.00%