Talk to one of our retirement experts - BUSSQ

Talk to one of our retirement experts

BUSSQ provides practical financial advice you can count and act on.

Our own in-house financial planning team offers advice about super and retirement. This can be simple, straightforward advice at no extra cost to members. Then there is more complex advice that is competitively priced on a fee for service basis. They can help you with:

  • How much is enough?
    What will you need to retire on?
  • Ways to build your super
    How to reach your goal
  • Reducing your tax
    Why pay more than you need to?
  • Transition to Retirement Income accounts and Income account
    What are they and how could they benefit you?

Straightforward advice

BUSSQ offers members limited personal advice about their industry super fund at no extra cost.* 

This type of straightforward advice includes:

  • Choosing insurance
  • Choosing investments options; and 
  • Superannuation contributions including salary sacrifice.

Complex Advice

BUSSQ also offers members more complex financial advice about their superannuation on a fee-for-service basis, with no charge for the initial meeting. 

The type of financial planning advice covered by these fees include:

  • Retirement planning and Income accounts, including ways to improve the Centrelink Age Pension.
  • Transition to Retirement Income account (TTR) and other associated benefits.
  • Advice on how to rollover super from various super fund accounts into one in order to save.
  • Periodic reviews and implementation of complex advice provided.

What's more, you don’t have to be a BUSSQ industry super fund member to access this financial advice - we can offer this advice to everyone, including your family and friends.*

Our financial advice fees are low intentionally

We are required by law to charge members a fee for delivering complex financial advice. So we’ve structured our fees to be low and purely for cost recovery. For more information see Fees.

To understand how the fees for our financial advice might affect you if you were to seek financial planning advice through BUSSQ, check out our Case Studies.

Affordable financial advice on more than just superannuation

We can also arrange financial advice on matters other than superannuation, such as shares, investments, setting up trusts and business and complex insurance arrangements, e.g. trauma cover. 

As this advice is outside of superannuation, you are not able to deduct the fees from your super fund account. However, the fees we can negotiate for you are competitive and you will not be charged commissions - unlike those being charged by some banks and financial planners.

Talk to one of our retirement experts.

From transition to retirement and retirement planning, to superannuation investment options and retirement income stream choices, BUSSQ’s team of retirement specialists is here to help. Book in to speak with a Skylight Financial Planner today and get your retirement sorted.

*BUSSQ offers members personal limited financial advice about their super including: choosing insurance, choosing investments and contributions, at no extra cost as it is included in the fund’s administration fees. This advice is offered over the phone. BUSSQ also offers members and non-members more complex financial advice on a fee for service basis. This advice can be done in person or over the phone. Our fee for complex advice is very competitively priced at $150 per hour which includes GST. The cost is very low and structured purely for cost recovery. It is expected that most complex advice will cost between $300 and $750, depending on the complexity and time required by the financial planners. Non BUSSQ members who receive advice will need to be billed for the advice separately.