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Types of pensions

Whether you are already retired or winding down to retirement, BUSSQ has a pension to suit you. BUSSQ offers two types of flexible income streams called a Transition to Retirement Pension (TTR) and a Retirement Pension.

Transition to Retirement Pension

If a you are aged between preservation age and 64 and still working, then you may be able to use this pension to assist to reduce tax and boost your super savings in the lead up to retirement. You may also use this pension to supplement your income should you choose to reduce your working hours. 

Retirement Pension

If you have reached preservation age and met a condition of release, you can use this pension as an income stream as well as an investment vehicle to keep your retirement savings invested and working.

As a pension member, you can draw down BUSSQ pension payments into your nominated bank account as frequently as fortnightly, and also take lump sum payments when you need to. The balance that you have in your pension account continues to be invested and working.

From transition to retirement and retirement planning, to superannuation investment options and retirement income stream choices, BUSSQ’s team of pension specialists is here to help.

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