Why choose BUSSQ? - BUSSQ

Why choose BUSSQ?

Our key objective is to assist you to improve your retirement savings so you can enjoy a comfortable lifestyle in retirement.

Benefits of starting a BUSSQ Pension

BUSSQ has been awarded a Platinum rating for our pension products by industry body SuperRatings every year from 2008 to 2016. This is the highest rating available and is awarded to funds that offer the best pension solution to members. It is based on strong investment returns, low fees, good customer service and additional benefits to members including financial planning advice.

BUSSQ offers a Retirement Reward - a bonus to launch you into the next stage of life. 

BUSSQ was also a finalist in the SuperRatings Pension Fund of the Year for 2017.

BUSSQ Pension features

Once you are a member of BUSSQ’s pension fund, you will have access to these services:

  • Dedicated pension hotline - Once you have started your BUSSQ pension you will have access to our pension hotline which allows you to manage your own retirement income. You can call 1800 PENSION (1800 736 746) to speak directly to one of our specialist pension team members.
  • Online access - We also offer you the flexibility of managing your retirement income online via MemberAccess. This is a secure online facility that gives you access to your account anytime. You can manage your investment options and pension payments, as well as update your personal details. Visit I want to find out how to access my account online.
  • A wealth of resources - We’re here to help you and provide you with the resources you need to understand and manage your retirement income. You will receive regular statements, newsletters, access to our Annual Report and a wealth of other useful information on our website. We will also invite you to events from time to time.

Other Benefits of BUSSQ

Financial planning advice you can count on

BUSSQ offers you straightforward, limited financial advice about your super including choosing insurance, investments and contributions, at no extra cost*. BUSSQ also offers you more complex financial advice about your super on a fee for service basis. Our fees are low and extremely competitive, structured purely for cost recovery. They can be deducted from your super account, so you won’t be out of pocket. To find out more visit what sort of advice do you need?

*The cost is included in the funds' administration fees. 

Profits returned to members

Our members always come first. Profits are returned to you, unlike many other super funds that pay a proportion of their profits to shareholders and incentives to agents. This means more money for your retirement.

Low fees

There are NO establishment or administration fees on our Transition to Retirement or Retirement pensions. BUSSQ is an industry fund and keeps its fees low to ensure more money goes to you. A management fee applies on each investment option, the amount of which varies depending on the type of investment option selected.

Investment choice

BUSSQ has 11 different investment options you can choose from, each with a distinctly different investment objective and strategy. You can tailor your investment approach to suit your individual needs by “mixing and matching” the options.

From transition to retirement and retirement planning, to superannuation investment options and retirement income stream choices, BUSSQ’s team of pension specialists is here to help. 

Book in to speak with a BUSSQ Financial Planner today and get your retirement sorted.