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Find lost super - don’t leave money lying around

There’s approximately 17.5 billion dollars of lost super in Australia and some of it could be yours. You work hard for your money, so make sure you take control of what’s yours.

How to Find Lost Super

Use our Super Search tool 

You can quickly and easily search for any lost super or unclaimed money you might have. All you need to provide is your BUSSQ member number and a few personal details to search.


Once you’ve found your lost super – Roll it into BUSSQ to SAVE

Rolling all your super together can help you save on fees and charges. You’ll just need to know the name and member number for the funds you want to roll over.

Remember that rolling over your super closes your account, so make sure your employer is paying into your BUSSQ account first. It’s a good idea to check with your other fund about any insurance benefits you’re giving up by rolling over too.