Making a contribution

23 April 2019

Counting money - BUSSQ Super

You can make a contribution to your BUSSQ Super account using the following methods:

Direct Debit - Specify the amount to be taken out of your bank account at regular intervals and paid into your BUSSQ superannuation account. Complete the Direct Debit Request form.

BPay® - Transfer specified amounts direct from your bank account to your BUSSQ industry super fund account. To find out more, contact BUSSQ or logon to MemberAccess and click through to 'Payment Methods' for the BUSSQ BPAY Biller Code and your individual BPAY Reference Number.

Direct Payment - Regular or one-off personal contributions into your BUSSQ super account. Contact us to find out how to make direct payments.

Payroll deduction (if provided by your employer) - Speak to your employer to arrange deductions of personal contributions from your pay.

Salary sacrifice - An arrangement between you and your employer where you agree with your employer that rather than receive part of your income as salary or wages, your employer will make an equivalent contribution to your super fund on your behalf. The sacrificed amount is paid directly into your BUSSQ superannuation account before income tax is deducted reducing your gross salary or wage for taxation purposes. Complete this form and provide it to your employer. 

For more information on making extra contributions to your BUSSQ account, call us on 1800 692 877.

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