Our aim is to provide our members with a safety net of default insurance cover connected to their account, but we also recognise the importance of having straightforward arrangements to allow our members to change their insurance cover to suit their personal needs, or cancel their cover. 

You can apply at any time, to:

1. Increase your level of insurance cover
2. Reduce your level of insurance cover 
3. Cancel your insurance cover
4. Transfer your insurance cover from your previous superannuation fund 
5. Fix your insurance cover to avoid a reducing sum insured applying as you get older. 

Increasing your Insurance Cover 
If you wish to increase your cover above the default cover level or are not eligible for default cover but would like cover, you can apply on your mobile phone or online by logging onto MemberAccess. Alternatively, you can complete the Application to Change or Increase Insurance form and either email it to or post it to:

GPO Box 2775

Reducing your Insurance Cover 
To reduce your BUSSQ insurance cover you can:

1. Call us on 1800 692 877. Your call will be recorded. 
2. Alternatively, you can complete the Cancel or Reduce Insurance form available from or contact to us to request a form, which we will send you within 5 business days. Once you have completed and signed the form, you may email it to or post it to: 

GPO Box 2775,

If you choose to reduce your insurance cover, the minimum amount of cover you must have under the BUSSQ product is one unit of cover. For more information on the levels of insurance cover at each age group, please refer to the Insurance handbook.