Depending on which superannuation product you are in - BUSSQ MySuper, Premium Choice or an Income account - you will have access to different investment options for your superannuation.


This superannuation investment option is 100% invested in Balanced Growth.  If you want more investment choice, you can upgrade to BUSSQ’s Premium Choice product at no cost.

BUSSQ Premium Choice or Income account

If you want to focus your superannuation or Income account on a certain asset class, you can. For example, you can concentrate your investments in shares just in Australia, or just overseas; you can have exposure only in cash; you can select fixed interest if you prefer. Even access to emerging markets is available. Of course, if it suits, you can invest in a mixture of these investment options by holding a percentage across two or more options.

Switching between superannuation investment options

You can switch your superannuation investment options at any time and there is no switching fee. 

BUSSQ asset allocations

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