This dashboard can be used to compare BUSSQ MySuper with other MySuper products.

Members can also review the annual Member Outcomes Assessment document, which shows how BUSSQ's MySuper and choice products compare to other MySuper and choice products across areas including investment returns, level of investment risk, fees and costs. 

  1. Return target: represents the mean annualised estimate of the percentage rate of net return that exceeds the growth in the CPI over ten years.
  2. CPI: refers to Consumer Price Index; an inflationary indicator that measures the change in the cost of a fixed basket of products and services, as released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics.
  3. Return: represents the net return of a "representative member". The net return of a representative member is the gross investment return of a representative member minus administration fees, costs and taxes. This return is the return for a member who is fully invested in the BUSSQ MySuper product, who does not incur any activity fees during a year and who has an account balance of $50,000 throughout that year. The "representative member" returns are after administration fees have been deducted and are therefore lower than the published "net fund earning rates" (or net investment returns) which are net of investment related fees, costs and taxes only. The returns displayed in the Product Dashboard are not the same or equivalent to investment returns reported elsewhere by BUSSQ and may not equate to the investments returns allocated to your account during the periods shown. The allocation of investment returns to your account depends on a range of factors including when money moves into and out of your account.
  4. Comparison between return target and returns: The graph outlines the comparison between the return target (note 1) and the return for the BUSSQ MySuper Balanced Growth option
    1. the columns represent the net return of a representative member for each year in the comparison period
    2. the yellow line represents the 10 year moving average return target, and
    3. the blue line represents the 10 year moving average net return of a representative member. When the blue line is above the yellow line then the BUSSQ MySuper Balanced Growth option 10 year moving average net return of a representative member has outperformed the 10 year moving average return target
  5. Level of investment risk: represents the estimated number of years in a 20 year period where a negative net investment return will occur
  6. Medium to High: The "Medium - High" investment risk label means that there will be 3 to less than 4 negative annual returns periods over any 20 year period. It is based on industry guidance (Standard Risk Measure, Guidance Paper For Trustees) issued by the Association of Superannuation Funds of Australia and the Financial Services Council.
  7. Statement of fees and other costs: represents the dollar value of fees and other costs paid by a representative member with a $50,000 balance in the BUSSQ MySuper Balanced Growth option based on the 2022-23 financial year actual and budgeted expenses (not including tax and any activity fees).

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