Is retirement on your radar? 

BUSSQ has a range of Income account products to suit your needs. Whether you're transitioning to retirement or ready to fully retire we can provide a flexible solution for you. BUSSQ offers two types of flexible income streams called a Transition to Retirement Income account (TTR) and an Income account.


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BUSSQ can help you with your retirement planning needs

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Income account products

BUSSQ has a range of Income account products to suit your needs. The type of Income account you require will be determined by the reason you want to access your super.

This could be because you are:

  • permanently retired,
  • still working past your preservation age,
  • have a disability, or
  • you are the recipient of a superannuation benefit following the death of a family member.

Whatever the reason, BUSSQ can provide you with a retirement product to suit your needs.

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Financial advice

If you’re thinking about retirement and looking for advice around the next steps to take, BUSSQ can help you. BUSSQ built Skylight Financial Solutions to provide financial advice for members. Skylight’s Financial Planners can work with you to make the most of your super, and set you up with the best options for your retirement.

Talk to a specialist about your retirement goals today. Book an obligation free appointment online, or call us on 1800 692 877.

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Your retirement reward

To kickstart your retirement, BUSSQ pays a Retirement Reward to eligible members who open a Retirement, Disability or Beneficiary Income account.

The amount of your Retirement Reward is determined by the amount you open your Income account with and the investment options you have been invested in. The Retirement Reward can be paid into the Income account or to your nominated bank account.

Before retiring consider:

  • Preservation Age – when can you access your super
  • Triggers of release – what needs to happen before you can access your super
  • Centrelink Age Pension – when you can apply for a Centrelink Age Pension

If you’re questioning how much you need to retire, it’s important to think about what type of life you’d like in retirement.

So you can be you with BUSSQ, and live the life you want in retirement, it’s important to think about what your future looks like.

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Preservation age
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Triggers of release
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Centrelink Aged Pension