Non-binding nominations

When you make a non-binding nomination, your wishes about who should receive your Death Insurance benefits when you die are a guide only and are not binding on the Trustee.

The Trustee will take your death insurance benefit nomination into consideration, but it is the Trustee who makes the final decision. The Death insurance benefit can be paid to your dependants or your legal personal representative of your estate. You can easily make a non-binding or change a non-binding nomination in MemberAccess.

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Binding nominations

A binding nomination means the Trustee is bound by the nomination(s) you make when paying your Death insurance benefit. For your binding nomination to be valid, certain conditions must be met, including:

  • Nominations can only be made on a Binding Death Benefit Nomination form. 
  • The only beneficiaries that can be nominated are your dependants or your legal personal representative (executor of your will or administrator of your estate).
  • Your Binding Death Benefit Nomination form must be signed by you and two witnesses, both of whom must be at least 18 years old and not nominated as beneficiaries of your Death Insurance benefit.

If you nominate someone other than a dependent or your legal personal representative, your nomination will be invalid.

Your binding nomination is valid for three years and is shown on your Annual Statement and in MemberAccess. After three years, you will need to re-confirm the nomination or provide a new one. In the event that your nomination becomes invalid, the conditions applying to non-binding nominations apply.

To make a binding death benefit nomination, you must complete and return this form.pie graph on paper icon transparent

Child Income beneficiary

BUSSQ also allows you to nominate that your death benefit be paid into one or more Child Income accounts for your dependent children using a Binding Death Benefit Nomination to Child Income form and the Binding nomination to a Child Income account join form.

Find out more about our Child Income account in our fact sheet or see the Child Income account Terms and Conditions.