What is a Super Clearing House? - BUSSQ

What is a Super Clearing House?

A Super Clearing House lets you pay all your superannuation in a single transaction. The BUSSQ clearing house - SCH Online, allows you to make your superannuation payments in one easy step.

BUSSQ's clearing house SCH Online is a one-stop shop for employers that lets you make all your employer superannuation payments in one place. If you use BUSSQ as your default super fund, our clearing house SCH Online is available at no cost. It is very easy to change your default fund.

At BUSSQ, we're all about ‘making the difficult easy' - and our clearing house does just that for employers and payroll staff.

Letting you pay all your employees superannuation into a single place, BUSSQ's clearing house is:

  • Secure
  • Super easy to use, and best of all
  • Will SAVE you time.

Our clearing house, SCH Online, is linked to our EmployerAccess system, which means that you can pay all of your super payments to BUSSQ, and any other super funds, in the one place. And you'll only have to remember one password for one system! 

Talk to BUSSQ about Superannuation

BUSSQ has a dedicated team on hand to assist you with your clearing house enquiries.To find out more, contact our industry super fund specialists today on 1800 856 722.

And because we're all about making superannuation as easy as possible, we'd love to tailor a solution to suit your individual needs.