Gone through a breakup? Protect your child’s financial future.

06 January 2020

Father and daughter - BUSSQ Super

Will your super and insurance go to your children or your ex in the unfortunate event of your death?

If you want the money in your super account and any insurance benefit to go to your children, it can be complicated after a breakup or if your ex is the primary carer for your children.

A Child Income account from industry fund BUSSQ is a simple way to ensure any benefit paid upon your death goes to your children.

The Child Income account pays a regular income to help with your children’s living expenses, school fees and extras that may not normally be in budget. The payments also won’t impact any government assistance available to help care for your children.

Even without children, a breakup or major change in your life may impact the beneficiaries you’ve nominated to receive a benefit in the event of your death. Keeping your beneficiaries up to date with your super fund will assist your assets going to your loved ones the way you want.

Find out more information on a BUSSQ Child Income account here or call us on 1800 692 877



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