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2018- 2019 Financial Year  

Trust Deed – Current Version Attached Document 
Governing Rules Governing rules are found in the Trust Deed
Rules relating to nomination, appointment and removal of Trustees or Trustee Directors Rules found in the Articles of Association also known as the Constitution relate to this. Also found in the Board Renewal Policy.
The most recent actuarial report for each defined benefit fund. Not applicable as BUSSQ does not have a defined benefit fund.
The most recent Product Disclosure Statement for each superannuation Product Premium Choice


Income account  

Term Allocated Pension
The Annual Report

Report for 2018/2019 (PDF 4.6MB)

Report for 2017/2018 

Report for 2016/2017 

Report for 2015/2016 

Report for 2014/2015  

Report for 2013/2014  

Report for 2012/2013

The Financial Services Guide Combined Financial Services Guide 
Fee Definitions Attached Document  
Significant Events Register Attached Document 
Outsourced Providers

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Information about Directors & Executive Officers   Qualifications 

Record of Directors Attendance at Board Meetings

2015 - 2016  
For the last 7 years

Register of Relevant  Interests - Trustee Level  Attached Document 
Register of Interest & Duties Attached Document 


Summary of Conflicts Management Policy Attached Document  
Proxy Voting Policies
Voting BUSSQ will request from its managers that the right to vote is exercised for all shares (either directly or indirectly through an external service provider).

BUSSQ will vote in accordance with recommendations from managers and other service providers such as the Australian Council of Superannuation Investors (ACSI), the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX), the Association of Superannuation Trustees of Australia (ASFA) and the Financial Services Council (FSC). Any contentious issues will be referred to the Investment Committee for decision.

Where voting is exercised through an external service provider, BUSSQ reserves the right to over-ride the decision of the external service provider.

BUSSQ will, where practical, also monitor voting for pooled investments.
Summary of when BUSSQ has exercised voting rights BUSSQ has not exercised its voting rights in the previous 12 months.
If RSE Licensee is Body Corporate Constitution – Articles of Association
If RSE Licensee is Body Corporate – Financial Statement

BUSS(Queensland) Pty Ltd Financial Statement for Year Ending 30 June 2017.  

BUSS(Queensland) Pty Ltd Financial Statement for Year Ending 30 June 2016.