Now’s a good time to roll your super into one fund which has a strong long term track record of performance, and an investment strategy that is designed to protect your savings on the downside and seize growth opportunities on the upside.

Right now it’s more important than ever to save money where you can. But having multiple super accounts means you’ll be paying multiple amounts of fees and charges. Combine any other accounts into your BUSSQ account to save on fees and charges!

Before rolling over, consider any insurance or other benefits you may be giving up by rolling your money into one account. With BUSSQ you may be able to transfer your existing insurance and we can help you with this. Call us on 1800 692 877 or fill in the form below.


In order to do a Supersearch, we are required to verify your identity to protect your account against fraud.

For electronic verification, we use Green ID to securely submit and verify your details against Government sources. If you wish to use electronic verification, enter your mobile or member number below to begin:

Verify your identity

Check the mobile phone attached to your account for a 4 digit code

Almost there

Just confirm the following details

You have two options for verifying your identity:

1. Electronic verification, or

2. Certified documents which you need to send to us. Call us for assistance with this.

If you need help rolling in any other funds into your BUSSQ account, you can either:
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Fill in the form below

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Call us on 1800 692 877

To roll in any other super funds into BUSSQ, you’ll need the following information from your other funds:

Super fund name
Fund ABN/Unique Super Identifier (USI)
Member number

If you know what other funds you have, but don’t have the details above, you can find them by either:
Calling the fund, or
Referring to a member statement. 

If you are unsure if you have any other lost super, you can do a lost super search through MyGov and your linked ATO account. 


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